He Kept The Most Precious Things In A Box, Like Her Memory



Tze Ho was used to being alone. Neglected and abandoned by his parents, he found refuge in his own little world of hiding spots and preserved memories. But that all changed one summer when he met See Kei.


She saw him when everyone else didn’t.


She was a cheerful and curious new student, who seemed interested in everything that Tze Ho did. She was a far cry from the familiar loneliness that he was accustomed to.

With See Kei, everything was different, new and even a little magical. His hiding spots didn’t seem all that interesting anymore compared to a world that was waiting to be explored.


And that summer they planned their own mini-adventure to an island for the forgotten.

It seemed like nothing could stop them.

As the summer came to a close, Tze Ho, knew a memory was made. She was his first love.

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