He Knew He Would Regret His Choice, But He’s Trapped. And Numb.


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Join the million-dollar club? Why not?

Nick is at the crossroads of his life. He’s a fresh graduate, he’s got great prospects, the world is at his feet.

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But the world at his feet isn’t the world he wants. He knows exactly what will happen in two, or ten years. The wealth, the career, the home, car and the women. That meant nothing to him — only because that was the only reality drawn out to him.

He’s trapped and numb. Mr Bartender mixes him a gin and tonic, and advises him to slow down. He’s young, but he’s gone ahead of himself in discovering how futile the chase can be.

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What does he want? He doesn’t know, because there hasn’t been a way for him to find out. He’s cynical, he’s a cog in a wheel, and he’s wants to make a reckless decision to carve out his own world.

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But there’s always tomorrow. A hungover tomorrow, but still a tomorrow.

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