The Little Girl Asked, “Will God Save Me?” He Wished He Knew The Answers.


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Desmond is a man of the law. He knows right from wrong, black from white — there were no in-betweens.

But all this changes when young girl enters his life. She’s not registered as missing and no one has come to claim her. Desmond and his local priest teach her the ways of the civilised world: how to eat, speak, and how to have faith in a larger power.

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There was only so much they both could do, as the later realised. He would need to break the law to save her from a fatal end.

He and the man of the cloth knew exactly what Jesus would do in this situation. He didn’t have the priest’s blessing, he didn’t believe God had a plan. He took matters into his own hands.

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Between walking by faith or by sight, the chose to be on the run. He’ll be running for a long time.

Watch ‘1030’ by Gerald Seah (Singapore) on Viddsee:

Gerald’s film won the Silver Medal at New York Festivals.

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