He Wanted To Leave Quietly. She Won’t Part With Words Unsaid.



Claire and Jasper just completed the hardest case of their careers, but the ride to their next meeting was tense and fraught. She had a burning question for Jasper.

“When were you planning to tell me you resigned?”

They had reluctantly bonded over time and respected each other. But this bond was fractured by his sudden decision to quit.


This hostility seeped into their meeting, but they had a challenging case at hand.

The clients, Dr Guan and Mrs Guan, were at odds with their decision to sell their home.

But there was more to that. Dr Guan revealed that his wife had her intentions for selling the home, and he disagreed. Their house was a home, and he wasn’t going to give it up.


Faced with the dilemma, the partners put their feelings aside and heads together to find the best solution for the Guans.

It was a case that sparked hope in their hearts. And with time, it awakened a sudden realisation in Claire.



If only it wasn’t too late.

Watch ‘SPARKS – Ep 5’ (A Mini-series from DBS) by David Tsui on Viddsee:

‘SPARKS’ is a mini-series by DBS Bank and this episode was inspired by a real life incident in the bank. This is the fifth in the mini series. Catch the on-going trials and tribulations of the team of young bankers here.

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