He Lives A Double Life & Is Sucked Into The World Of Crime. Is It Too Late To Turn Back?


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Meet Joe. But he’s not your average Joe. Private detective by day and hitman by night, he does what he does to protect his near and dear ones.

He mechanically goes about, carrying out the assignments given to him on the phone. A hardened killer, he shows no sympathy towards his victims.

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It’s his job and he has to do it right.

But his is a lonely life. A life of emptiness and conflict and compromises.

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The only real conversation and connection he has is with the waitress at a cafe. She likes him. He likes her. And though she doesn’t know why, Joe knows that they can never be together. In the pursuit of his own happiness, he can’t risk her life.

He has to make the ultimate choice.

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Crochet Noir was featured at many film festivals, including Krok International Animated Film Festvial, Anim’est International Film Festival, Raindance Film Festival, DC Shorts Film Festival, Montreal Stop Motion Film Festival, Melbourne International Animation Festival, Sydney Film Festival and Tel-Aviv International Student Film Festival.

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