He Loved His Wife Too Much And Couldn’t Let Her Go



The world knows Dr Ben Jacobs as their saviour, the genius scientist who developed a way to fight back against the Z-virus which had ravaged civilisation and nearly destroyed it.

He’s a hero who suffered a tragic loss in the course of saving humanity. But even though the world thinks his beloved wife, Alice, is dead, Ben has a secret in his living room — she’s not really dead. She’s still one of the undeads.


For a year now, Ben has been staving off her outbreak with the serum as he looks for a proper cure.

Each injection buys her a bit more time, but the future is still uncertain. With only books, the TV and her husband for company, Alice lives a half life, alive but not really living.


Unable to let her go or develop a cure, Ben tries to delay the inevitable. If science couldn’t save her, he would try to save her with his love.

But time is a ruthless overlord. Ready or not, life — and the afterlife — catches up with him.

Watch ‘Alice Jacobs Is Dead’ by Alex Horwitz (United States) on Viddsee:

‘Alice Jacobs Is Dead’ has won a slew of awards for Best Horror Film at San Diego ComicCon Film Festival, Coney Island Film Festival and DragonCon Short Film Festival. Learn more about the film here.

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