It Was A Simple Act of Kindness, But This Stray Didn’t Forget.


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Men may forget favours. But dogs seldom do…

A man buys some food from a street vendor and gives it away to a dog tugging at his trousers. It’s a simple act of kindness, one that you do and simply just move on.

The Dog ss4 krk

But sometimes, it comes back to you, and just keeps coming.

The man suddenly finds himself at the receiving end of a lot of favours from an anonymous well-wisher.

It’s the dog, taking its duty very seriously. From reserving parking spots for him, to guarding his car from pigeon poop and even washing his car!

The Dog ss3 krk

And just when you thought this was it, there’s more!

The Dog ss6 krk

The man needed a wingman.

Guess who steps up?

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