The Bullies Won’t Leave Him Alone. Being Good Won’t Cut It Anymore.


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Roy never smiled. He had no reason to.

His outlook on life became bleaker when he moved in with his estranged father, Raheem, who was rebuilding his life from scratch after spending time behind bars.

Against all odds, Raheem was determined to start anew. But an acquaintance from his criminal past returned, intent on creating trouble.

Frustrated, Raheem threatened the man with a razor blade. Roy watched silently as the troublemaker went away.

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Like his father, Roy was the subject of ridicule. His classmates made fun of his worn-out clothes, beating him up on school grounds in broad daylight.

And like his father, he grasped at a blade, hoping the troublemaker would go away.

Raheem lectured and warned Roy every single day to make good of his life — eat your food, what’s with the attitude, don’t end up like me.

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Raheem realised that he talked at him, to him, and talked down to him. Lecturing wasn’t a conversation. It was only in one heartfelt letter that he opened up about the relationship he wanted with his son.

Can they escape their fate, carve out a new future?

Was it too late?

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