A Mannequin Factory, A True Family!



Justino works as a nighttime security guard at a mannequin factory.

His work hours start and end with solitude, with only the lifeless mannequins for company.


Justino is a cheerful soul though, and makes the most out of what he has. Though he never gets to see his daytime colleagues, they feel his presence.


Every night, he does something that puts a smile on their faces when they come in to work. His thoughtful and creative actions touch everyone’s hearts.


One day, Justino finds out that his daytime colleagues have won the Loteria de Navidad, Spain’s highly-anticipated national lottery, drawn once a year at Christmas.


It’s a shared win, but of course, Justino isn’t included as he’s not part of their team.

That night, he enters the lift to start his shift, but he’s greeted by a strange sight.


Turns out that while he may work alone, he was never without company.

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