He Only Found Out Dad Was Dead When A Stranger Called Him To The Wake



For 15 years, Justin had been out of touch with his dad.

His dad lived alone for 15 years, and no one ever came to check on him.

Until the day his dead body was discovered by Mike, a demolition site inspector.


The discovery of the body deeply affected Mark, whose life was just as lonely as the dead man’s.

No one came forward to claim the body, and Mike decided to hold the wake. He also somehow managed to contact Justin and give him the news.


Mike handed Justin a gift from long ago, a gift his dad had kept aside for him but never found the opportunity to give.


Justin’s detachment scared and worried Mike, and he finally found the courage to make that one phone call he had been afraid of making for many years.

A call to his son.

Can father and son reconnect?

Watch ‘Wake’ by Atsuko Hirayanagi (Singapore) on Viddsee:

‘Wake’ was inspired by a true event in Japan.

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