He Saw His Boss Hitting On The Pretty Cashier… And Her Unease



Keung could see his colleague’s discomfort whenever in the presence of their boss.

Ying, the usually cheerful cashier, would clam up and become withdrawn as their lecherous boss made suggestive remarks and inappropriate touches towards her.


But Keung was too afraid to rock the boat and reprimand his boss’ behaviour.

Just like how he was too scared to make a remark at the bruised skin and battered spirits of the wives he delivered food to.


He tried to turn a blind eye, but it was imprinted on his conscience.

So he finally opened them.

Watch ‘Faint’ by Wong Wing Hong (Hong Kong) on Viddsee:

‘Faint’ won the Distinguished Short Film Award at the 2007 Hong Kong & Macau Student Film And Video Festival. It’s also part of the HK Cinema, The Next Generation channel featuring works from students of The Hong Kong Academy For Performing Arts. Watch more films here.

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