Only When He Embraced Death Did He Truly Began To Live



He lived by the clock. Measured blocks of time carved out by the items on his to-do list.

7:50am, the morning alarm would go off, just enough time to get ready and make breakfast. Come 8am, he leaves his house, not a minute sooner.



This precise routine was how he functioned, and also how he died.


He is forced to relive the last waking moments of his life each day, trying to change the course of his destiny. He fussed and schemed but he seemed doomed in this eternal time loop.


Nobody really wants to die, which is why he fought and he clawed at any chance of life. But perhaps the real shame was in never living at all.

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‘Destiny’ was the graduate project from students of Bellecour Ecole d’Art. They referenced Pixar’s Up, Moonbot’s The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore for the look and the concept is strongly inspired from the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray.

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