He Saw The Terrors She’s Seen. Fear Became No More.


Phyu Phyu SS_06

There was something off as the security guard made his rounds that night. First, there was the suspicious idling vehicle. And then the mysterious doll on the road.

Phyu Phyu SS_01

He brought the doll back, but it wasn’t the only thing he brought home. Messages appear, in Burmese, and after translation, it turns out to be a special message, just for him.

Phyu Phyu SS_04

Fear gives way to concern and he finds himself uncovering something far more than a simple haunting.

Phyu Phyu SS_05

Not all ghosts are angry. Some are just lost. And he can’t help but want to make it right.

Phyu Phyu SS_08

There’s a bigger issue at hand and it all connects to that first night.

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‘Phyu Phyu’ is part of the 3 Doors of Horror anthology by Doghouse73 Pictures. Don’t miss out on the first instalment, ‘1,2,3’, about a game of tag with the supernatural.

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