He Wanted A Script About His Life. He Got It.


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Mark is a young, gay actor who can’t seem to get the parts he wants. He doesn’t think he’s a bad actor, it’s just the scripts weren’t written for him. It sounds arrogant, but he believes that all it takes to launch his career is a script about his life.

He admires the work of a famous author, James Francis, to the point of obsession. Mark begins to stalk him, slowly inserting himself into scenarios where James may notice him. He is first rebuffed, but Mark is persistent and resourceful.

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James tries to swat him away like a pesky fly, but Mark always shows up, un-swattable.

Mark finally gets the script he wanted, the script that cost a life.

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Viewer discretion: Contains sexual content

‘Gatecrasher’ won the Jury Award at the Frech-Frivoles Film Festival in Berlin.

More about the filmmaker Adam Hughes here.

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