He Wanted A Different Life Because Nice Guys Finish Last. So He Lied.


Psycho Therapy ss3 krk

His sex life flatlined. His therapist was painfully polite.

Oded was a boring man, and something had to give. There was no spark, no excitement, he had no troubles, no trauma, no baggage. He was forgettable.

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Then, a stranger whispered in his ear: you’re psycho. That was all the motivation he needed for a change. Inspired by a file on his therapist’s shelf, Oded took on a patient’s persona and regaled stories after stories about how badass he was.

This new Oded was a man of uncontrollable urges and fantasies, a fascinating case study for psychologists. He told riveting tales.

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Psycho Therapy ss5 krk

Psycho Therapy ss6 krk

His therapists — all female — gaped.

His life had got so absurd that he finally had a problem.

And his wife was finally satisfied.

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