He Wanted To Give Her A Ring, But She Had Promised Herself To Another



She followed his letter and showed up at their meeting spot.

He had news.


It wasn’t a happy one.

Her beloved was leaving for the city, and he wanted her to go with him.

It would be the start of the future together. He promised her a ring.


But she had other promises to keep.

In the battle between home and the heart, there was no clear winners.

Watch ‘Matwang Dalaga’ by Carlo Enciso Catu (Phillipines) on Viddsee:

‘Matwang Dalaga’ is based on a character from the Kapampangan folk song, ‘Atsing Rosing’. This film won the Best Cinematography & KulturangKapampangan Awardee at the CineKabalen Kapampangan Film Festival 2013

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