He Wears A Mask To Hide The Scars His Dad Gave Him



“Daddy was not happy… I flopped my math.” Mandez explains the scars on his hands and the mask on his face.


His librarian Mr Wong can sense that the boy has been abused, and that he can help inform the authorities, but he finds himself in a dilemma.

Mandez’s father is Chairman Lim, a wealthy and powerful man who showers the school with donations. No one wants to get on his wrong side.


In fact, the principal tells Mr Wong in no uncertain words that his career will flourish if he turns a blind eye to this.

However, he knows that this is wrong. He knows that he’s probably one of the few in a position to help.

And yet, he has his own career to think of.


He can choose to help the abused boy, or he can choose his own interests.

What will he do?

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