Two Brothers, One Hitting Puberty, The Other Incapable Of Growing Up



It was meant to be a quick scam. They needed an adult to withdraw the cash from the bank card so Adam enlisted his brother, Mo, to play the part. He would do anything to fit in with the neighbourhood boys.


For at home, Adam was tired of being his brother’s keeper. Mo wasn’t like normal brothers. He was unnaturally obsessed with superheroes and couldn’t be left alone. It’s a heavy responsibility to bear for a young 11-year old, especially because he knows if his brother was normal, their dad wouldn’t have left. Their family would still be together.


But what Adam doesn’t realise is that for all of Mo’s learning disabilities, the simple man sees and understands his brother’s sacrifice.

When robbers hold up the bank they’re at and take his brother hostage, Mo steps up the only way he knows how.


He makes the ultimate sacrifice because at the end of the day, he too knows that that’s what brothers do – they look out for each other.


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