Here’s How Everyone Can Now Harness The Healing Powers Of Music


Gone are the days where words like ‘stroke patient’ and ‘autism’ are met with hopeless despair. Though the path to recovery can still be undoubtedly challenging, there are new forms of therapy proven to improve neurological conditions. One of them being a form of therapy that is still fairly under-tapped – music therapy.

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Michelle Lee discovered the healing powers of music much after her father suffered a stroke and lost hope as well as his abilities, including the ability to play the erhu. Not wanting this to be the fate of others, she wanted to empower everyone, including those unable to read music or hold instruments and make music therapy readily accessible.

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Music therapy has been proven to be able to stimulate all areas of the brain, helping many with neurological conditions. Michelle equates making music to a full-body workout, but for the brain. It can also increase dopamine production which helps at improving overall well being, amongst many other benefits.

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While Michelle Lee continues to bring joy and happiness into the process of healing, she also hopes to enable people of all ages and abilities to make music, not just seniors and people with disabilities.

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Watch ‘In Good Hands: Soul Uplifting’ by Ng Yiqin (Singapore) on Viddsee:

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