He Could Give Life To Stone. But He Couldn’t Give Love Anymore


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Sai lives in a desolate wasteland, where all living things are slowly turning into stone. He’s the only person whose blood has healing properties, and he tries to fight the tide that’s taking over the world.

There aren’t many more living things on earth. He lives with his brother, Vlad, who’s part of a thug group who are terrorising the city.

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After another night out terrorising the living, he helps his brother heal. But his brother heartlessly gave him up to his thug friends.

In his subconsciousness, he realises he has a stone deeply buried inside him. The world and its weight was creeping up on him.

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He showed his brother what it was like to be stone cold.

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Viewer discretion: Contains depiction of violence.

Directed by Aurélien Peis with Sebastien Durand, Julien Limon and Cédric Trezeguet, music by Trio Zephyr. More about Aurelien here.

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