He’d Give The Best To His Pregnant Wife, But She Was Just Absurd!


Cravings Ngidam SS_01

Rashid is living the dream. He works as a physical education teacher in a high school combining his two passions – sports and children.

Cravings Ngidam SS_02

He has a beautiful wife, Sarah, who is the town’s favourite hairdresser. And she’s pregnant with their first child, the cherry topping on the tasty sundae that is his life.

Everything is going swimmingly and it’s an easygoing pregnancy without cravings. No requests for crazy food, drinks or items.

Cravings Ngidam SS_03

But lo and behold, it strikes. There’s no stopping the pregnant woman’s inexplicable desires as it comes forth.

Cravings Ngidam SS_04

And oh boy, it’s a doozy!

Watch ‘Cravings’ (Ngidam) by Junad M. Nor (Malaysia) on Viddsee:

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Based on a short story from the Malaysian publisher, Lejen Press.

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