Hell Needed A Bank Manager. So This Aunty Applied For The Job!


Mays New Business SS2 KRK

When hell comes knocking at your door, it’s usually bad news.

But not so for this elderly old woman is about to deal with two agents of death. What she’s offered is far from doom, instead, she’s offered an business venture in the underworld with great returns.

Mays New Business SS3 KRK

It’s a deal that grants her wealth and power in the afterlife. It gets this simple incense and paper money vendor a little bit excited. There’s just one catch.

She would have to start investing and losing in this life. Her son thinks it’s a scam.

But she has more reasons to think that it isn’t. Will this old woman go with the deal and be wealthy in the afterlife? Or was this a clever scam all along?

Watch ‘May’s New Business’ (香舖鬼生意) by Sue-yen Hsu (Taiwan) on Viddsee:

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