Something Gruesome Is In The Garden, A Deadly Killer In A Jaunty Hat



This is a prize-winning rose garden, but Frank Michel and Jason aren’t here to smell the roses. There was a murder they’re here to investigate.


The homeowner, Mr Wenger, was found dead and decapitated in the bushes, and a specially recorded broadcast was sent to taunt them.


The unlikely murderer was a garden gnome who got sick of being a mere prop in the garden, and suffering the indignity of being pissed on. With a sharp sickle in hand, it went on a killing rampage, fueled by revenge.


It’s out for blood, and Team Hellvetia didn’t see this coming!

Watch ‘Hellvetia Ep 4 – Nano Killer’ by Antoine Tinguely & Laurent Fauchère (Switzerland) on Viddsee:

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