Her BFF Wanted To Know Who Her Type Was. She Was Looking At It.



Alice’s best friend wanted to know which guy was her type. But she wasn’t sure how to answer the question.

At 16, Alice wasn’t boy-crazy like her peers. Instead, she had her eye on a girl — her best friend, Rebecca.


Her confusion was further jumbled by feeling like a foreigner in her body.

On a night together, Alice seizes the moment to answer Rebecca’s question. It’s a sweet breakthrough, and there’s no going back from that.


As fleeting as the moment was, it spurs her to embrace her true skin. High school can be brutal but she’s coming out, with style and as much grace as she can muster.


Watch ‘Between The Sun And Me’ by Nanako Fukui (America) on Viddsee:

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‘Between The Sun And Me’ won Best Motion Picture, Best Directing, and Best Actress at the 2015 Media Awards in San Francisco. It also screened at the 2015 Cannes Short Film Corner.

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