Patience Is A Virtue. But When Is Too Much, Too Much?


Dog In My House SS2 KRK

Yuan’s boyfriend leeched off her: she worked, brought back dinner every day, and paid all the bills. He’s unemployed and bristles at the suggestion of finding work.

She didn’t earn much working in a convenience store, but she had big dreams: learning French, going to France.

Hes A Dog In My House gc ss2 krk

In a fit of anger, she fed her boyfriend dog food. It was just an experiment.

Hes A Dog In My House gc ss4 krk

What could go wrong?

Watch ‘He’s A Dog In My House’ by Shih-Han Tsao (Taiwan) on Viddsee:

‘He’s A Dog In My House’ was featured at a number of film festivals: at the Poitiers Film Festival, Eugene International Film Festival, Bangkok International Student Film Festival, Taiwan Golden Bell Awards and at the Beijing International Student Film Festival.

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