Her Car Broke Down On The Way Home. Six Men Stopped To Have A Look.


Going Home lg ss2 krk

This could end so badly.

There’s a real sense of terror watching this: it’s late, she’s alone, the car’s dead, she’s approached by a car with six men.

Going Home lg ss1 krk

They offer to look at her car.

She asks for a ride home.

Many suggestive, knowing glances are changed between the men throughout the journey.

Going Home lg ss3 krk

She’s completely oblivious.

The stressful part about this is that you’d expect terror to unleash at every turn. Is she out of her mind? Does she deserve to believe she lives in a utopian dream?

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Vikas’ film was created for Vogue India’s campaign, #VogueEmpower. He imagined a utopia for women, where, unlike today, “mistrust and fear don’t dictate actions and decisions.”

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