Her Ex Gifted Her An Expensive Phone. It Came With Strings Attached.



Tinuk is fascinated.

Her ex-boyfriend Maskur has just shown her a brand new smartphone. She loves it. Problem: She can’t afford it. She’s a housewife and her husband Wahono works as a parking attendant.

“You never think about your wife’s needs,” she nags at her husband.


She wants the smartphone really badly, so she suggests that Wahono take some money from the parking deposit. But Wahono is an honest man and refuses her proposal.


The next day, Maskur is back. Tinuk tells him that she really can’t afford the phone. Knowing how badly she wants it, he gifts it to her.


Wahono is very uncomfortable with the idea of this gift, and insists that Tinuk return it.

Tinuk reluctantly returns it, but is unaware that there is a big revelation on the news.

What is it, and how will it affect their relationship?

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