She Walked In On Her Father Calling For A Retirement Home



Ayumi’s job, like her life, was at a dead end.

As an information call centre operator, the phone rarely ringed anymore, only the occasional old folk who hadn’t figured out how to use the Internet.


So when she gets retrenched, there’s little sorrow or surprise that follow the news.

Unsure of what to do next she follows her inner voice, calling her to the seaside.

Rumah ss10 krk.jpg

Information services was obsolete, but there wasn’t an update on connecting people, the old-school way: following what her lonely and empty heart led her.


Travelling across the city and through personal memories, she arrived. It that she walked in on her father calling the information number for a retirement home.

What showed up at his doorstep wasn’t what he wanted, but what greeted him was the sweetest voice ever.

Rumah ss9 krk.jpg

She was home.

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