Her Husband Is Sweet But Completely Oblivious. She’s Not Really “There”.


Monsoon Rain ss3 krk
She saw the future, and he wasn’t in it.

She was always on her phone. Who knew who was on the other side?

This husband hardly cared.

Monsoon Rain ss2 krk

He’s a tailor who lived the old-school life: pottering around, furiously working on his sewing machine, watching TV powered by a battery cell.

Life was alright. He didn’t mind change.

Monsoon Rain ss4 krk

It just flew past him, as a matter of fact. Or he stared straight at it like a deer in the headlights.

It wasn’t that she was completely bored, or that he wasn’t attentive. She wanted to move up, move on.

Monsoon Rain ss1 krk

She saw a world outside their window and longed for interaction, engagement, people.

He realised all that, too late.

Watch ‘Monsoon Rain’ by Saurav Rai (India) on Viddsee:

Saurav says in this interview that this story was inspired by an odd old couple in his village, from his observations on how the cellphone changed the dynamics of families and marriages.

“Some years back in my village, many married women started having affairs. As a result I came across families, devastated by this new trend. Earlier the village had it’s own charm, known for it’s innocent and raw entity. On close observation it was evident that the introduction of a new technology called cell phone was the main reason behind it. It was as if the village women were coming out of their age old cocoon against the ideal man women patriarchal setup. ”

‘Monsoon Rain’ was selected for the International Munich Student Film Festival and the Focus Section of International Documentary And Short Film Festival of Kerala.

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