She’s Hell-Bent On Destroying The Man Who Wronged Her


Matinya Seorang Perempuan sw ss2 krk

The widow Minah unnerves young Majid with her swaying walk and provocative mannerisms, so unlike the other women in the village.

Matinya Seorang Perempuan sw ss3 krk

Matinya Seorang Perempuan sw ss4 krk

She flirts carelessly with the village men. But more importantly, she makes no secret of her affair with Majid’s father, Cik Leman.

Matinya Seorang Perempuan sw ss5 krk

What becomes of a coquettish widow who dares taint the reputation of a respected man? Is she wicked or is she brave? Or is she merely stupid?

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‘Matinya Seorang Perempuan’ was adapted from a short story by Dato Dr. Usman Awang.

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