Her Shadow Didn’t Want To Kill Her. It Wanted To Replace Her.


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Peachie’s birthday party was an intimate event, with her nearest and dearest. There was also an uninvited guest who crashed the party.

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It was an unearthly and malevolent entity, spied by Peachie’s husband, Pryts, who had excused himself to investigate the shadowy disturbance.

But as he had slipped away from the day’s gaiety, so did he slip away from this world.

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Pryts was stuck in the underworld and couldn’t make it back. And so begins a horrifying journey for Peachie, a spirit questor, who was trying to find out what that the shadowy figure really wanted, and why it lured her husband away.

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Her fellow spirit questors cautioned her: maybe it didn’t want to kill her, maybe it wanted to replace her.

It wasn’t far from the truth. And it was certainly very close to home.

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‘Lost & Found’ is an unusual wedding film concept inspired by a true story.

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