This Is How Good And Bad Decide On Our Fate



They’ve been at at war across millenniums. Each serving a higher, if opposing, purpose.

Yet, angels and demons aren’t really all that different. They’re both just working class soldiers fighting the good fight.


Humans are the pawns in the never ending chess game between good and evil, subject to their whims and fancies. And sometimes, plain cheekiness.




There’s a time and place for good and evil and it’s all in a day’s work.

Watch ‘Angel Or Demon’ (Entre Ange et Démon) by Pascal Forney (Switzerland) on Viddsee:

‘Angel or Demon’ is a multi-award winning short film that has taken home plaudits that include the Silver Méliès for Best European Short at Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival, Switzerland; Best Fiction and Public Award at the Sound & Image Challenge, Macau; Best Fiction Short: Corti A Ponte International Short Film Festival, Italy; and Best Professional Short at Taglia Corti, Italy in 2014.

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