Here’s A Woman Travelling Across Israel On A Quest For Knowledge


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Traditional crafts contain knowledge, says Yonit Kristal. It defines our relationship with the land, and materials. This relationship is lost in our modern world.

She, and her husband and son are a typical family. A mother watching over her son, a father making sure, the family has everything they need.

They left home to take up a mission for a good cause, living a nomadic life. Their mission? To document, learn and preserve traditional crafts making.

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The journey brings them to a few elders, who give them samples and stories to help them begin their own personal projects.

This family hopes that through these meetings they will gather enough information, to preserve these crafts for future generations.

The road is long and their baggage gets heavier by the day but there are more mysteries to uncover.

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This family presses on.

Yonit knows that these craft doesn’t have a place in our daily life. It’s a romantic longing, but she is committed to this as a life mission.

Watch ‘The Crafts Keeper’ by Efrat Rafaeli (Israel) on Viddsee:

‘The Crafts Keeper’ screened at the Tel Aviv International Film Festival. Find out more about Yonit’s journey on her website (Hebrew).

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