He Dressed Up Like A Girl For His Girlfriend, So She Would Remember Him


Boy Who Wore High Heels ss7 krk

Ernest went all the way. Lipstick, mascara, high heels, and a wig. It’s a special day.

He’s out on the streets taking selfies of himself, he’s tapping and dancing and popping and locking on the streets. In full-garb, flouncy skirt, and itchy tights over his hairy legs.

Boy Who Wore High Heels ss6 krk

He could have made a fool out of himself, but he didn’t care.

All this effort was for a girl, for whom he had a story, a love story.

Boy Who Wore High Heels ss4 krk

Boy Who Wore High Heels ss3 krk

But she didn’t remember him, and that was okay. He wasn’t just the fool in this love story. He was a willing fool, and they could make new memories.

By starting again.

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