Here’s A Guy Who’s So Afraid Of Life, He Hired A Stunt Double


Stunt_Double_SS2 KRK

Toshio is too chicken shit to leave the house, so he hired someone to live his life for him.

Everything changed when a girl showed up in his life.

Toshio has has an irrational fear of the outside world. His stunt double, Carl, is an adrenaline junkie who has no fear of the world.

My_Stunt_Double_SS5 KRK

Carl answers all his calls: to cross the road, drink a cup of scalding coffee, go to the movies, enter an elevator.

This mockumentary follows their lives with excerpts of interviews with a medical professional’s analysis about Toshio’s condition.

My_Stunt_Double_SS6 KRK

The camera details different aspects of Toshio’s life, including the backstory of how he met a girl he has a crush on.

When this girl finally calls back, Toshio has to decide whether or not he will meet her in person.

Here’s how they managed to the big bad world.

Watch ‘My Stunt Double’ by Jurgen Mantzke (Japan) on Viddsee:

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