Here’s A High-Tension Lion Dance Show On Tightrope & Acrobatics!


Lion_Dance_SS1 KRK

A cheeky, opportunistic young apprentice tries to play the lead position in this lion dance performance, just when he thought her senior wasn’t looking.

When the tightrope snaps they both have to dance for their lives and not just for the crowd, because the show must go on.

Lion_Dance_SS2 KRK

Acrobatics ensue. Neither one of them backed down from hubris, arrogance, and nimble reflexes.

Lion_Dance_SS4 KRK They both escape death narrowly, but what a show it was!

Watch ‘Lion Dance’ 《抢狮头》by Duan Wenkai & Ma Weijia on Viddsee Buzz:

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Wenkai and Weijia’s graduate production won awards at the Asian Youth Animation & Comics Contest and at the Tokyo International Anime Fair.

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