Here’s Why This Kid’s Extraordinary Superhero Is Garbage Man


Garbage Man SS3 KRK

A school kid invents a fantasy super-garbageman. He’s ends up being the school’s real hero.

He’s given a straight forward class assignment was straightforward: draw your superhero. He takes it to another level, inspired by the person who has inspired him in the simplest ways.

Garbage Man SS2 KRK

His teacher finds out the real story behind the Garbage Man when he goes missing from an after-school activity.

This super hero just a regular street cleaner with amped up superpowers, but his story is both touching for its dedication to daily heroism and the simple and personal tribute to his a regular street cleaner, his mum.

Garbage Man SS1 KRK

This inspirational short film is based on a true story, produced for the famed ad series Thai Life Insurance.

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