Growing Older Is Inevitable. Why Are We Still Surprised?


Sidewalk SS1

Time happens. We don’t think about ageing as much as we should, or maybe we do spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about it.

Youth is not eternal, and ageing should not come as a surprise.

Sidewalk SS2

Here’s a non-preachy reality check about women’s bodies that isn’t sponsored by a cosmetic brand. It’s a honest, entertaining refreshing reminder that youth and beauty is not forever.

The woman portrayed here didn’t just love her body, like most empowering brand messages would tell you to.

Sidewalk SS3

She’s also embarrassed, tired, angry, uneasy, and demonstrates a whole range of emotions through the ages.

But her life isn’t just about her body. She tiptoed, slouched and dragged her feet, and also skipped, danced, marched, and waltzed, but she lived her life.

If this made you smile, go ahead, don’t worry about your smile lines!

Watch this 4-minute animation by Celia Bullwinkel on Viddsee BUZZ:

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‘Sidewalk’ by Celia Bullwinkel was made over four years between teaching in college and working as a freelance animator.

On the treatment of the subject, she says: “Many find ageing to be not funny, which was an obstacle. I love old slapstick cartoons, so my approach was to exaggerate the follies of growing older, without having it be mean-spirited.

“Growing older is inevitable, so why are there so many surprises? Somewhere in that area is where the funny lies, and I did my best to capture that.”

‘Sidewalk’ screened and toured widely in the US, and travelled to Brazil, Mexico, the UK and in the Netherlands.

More about Celia here.

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