Here’s What You Should Never Forget About Chinese New Year


Family Reunion Anthony Chen SS1 KRK

Fireworks, chicken drumsticks, and sharing a chilled stout… all great stuff for Chinese New Year.

But most of all, it’s family.

Family Reunion Anthony Chen SS2 KRK

This short film shows the life of a Singaporean family through three generations, from the simple and bustling 1960s to the boom of the 1990s and the present day modernity.

Family Reunion Anthony Chen SS3 KRK

These family reunions see Ah Boon growing up from a barber’s son to being an enterprising young man with his own family.

It’s simple, poignant, sentimental, and colourful all at the same time.

Family Reunion Anthony Chen SS4 KRK

It gave us the warm fuzzies, because family matters. Cherish it.

Watch ‘Reunion Dinner’ <<回家過年>> by Anthony Chen (Singapore) on Viddsee BUZZ:

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Anthony’s film was commissioned for the River Hongbao Carnival in Singapore in 2011.

Here’s another story on families, about a father who does something drastic when his family become strangers to him. Watch ‘Closer Apart’ (团圆) by Jason Lee

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