Here’s How A Widow Handled Insincere Relatives In Her Grief


Afterglow SS1

Empty praise can sometimes be harmless. Not so with empty, fake condolences, like to a grieving widow like Meher.

Time and space are things that Meher needs to accept that her husband is gone, but those two things, she never gets. She lights a candle for him, plays his favourite music, cherishing the memories of them in the house. Poignant, moving scenes.

Afterglow SS2

Well-meaning mourners stream in and out of her home, handing her fake condolences, demanding her attention.

Meher’s grief only becomes a part of their stories of triviality and tradition-related criticism. It’s starting to look like a bitter tea party at Meher’s expense.

But she’s about to put her foot down and it takes everyone by surprise.

Watch the tragic-comedy ‘Afterglow’ by Kaushal Oza (India) on Viddsee:

‘Afterglow’ by Kaushal Oza was written based on a short story by Rohinton Mistry, ‘Condolence Visit.’

The film has received many awards for its direction, script and acting at many festivals. It’s a very long list, but it includes film festivals in Kolkatta, Mumbai, Sri Lanka, Pune, Goa, Italy, Portugal, Dhaka, Kerala, Slovania, the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival in France, and the prestigious National Award for the Best Short Film on Family Values in India.

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