He’s Found The One. But The One Comes With Baggage.


Conq Ep 3 ss1 krk-57877717.jpg

Lukas and Aghi had a perfect first date. So perfect, in fact, that they ended up on Lukas’ couch afterwards. The attraction between them is intense and shirts are coming off. But before that, Lukas wants to confess something.

He’s shy about his less-than-perfect body, and he needs to let Aghi know.

Conq Ep 3 ss2 krk.jpg

Aghi is undeterred by Lukas’ words. He has a bigger confession to make.

Can his confession be the deal-breaker in this perfect relationship?

Watch ‘Conq Ep3: The Perfect Profile – Part 2’ by Lucky Kuswandi (Indonesia) on Viddsee:

Viewer discretion: For mature audiences only.

‘Episode 3: The Perfect Profile – Part 2’ is the third of a nine-part web series about two gay men in Jakarta. Join them in Episode 2 to find out how Lukas met Aghi, or watch the web-series in full here.

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