He’s Going To Give His Crush A Gift She Did Not Expect



He rushed to the windows, waiting for his daily glimpse of her. This was his favourite time of the day.

The beautiful girl enthralled him. He wished to dance alongside her, have a closer look at the red highlights in her hair and flecks of green in her eyes.


However, fear kept him caged up at home.

Home was safe. He had manipulated the gears, nuts and bolts of life inside these four walks down into clockwork.


Still, he couldn’t help himself from looking.

When her pet bird passes, he takes the opportunity to reach out.


The brush with life transforms him.

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‘Stanley Pickle’ is a short pixilation film shot entirely on a stills camera on 2 sets and 2 locations. It travelled extensively across international film festivals picking up a whooping 33 awards. For more on the film, click here.

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