He’s Haunted By A Tragedy: The Death Of His Fiancée


You Are What You Eat ss3 krk

It wasn’t his fault, but he couldn’t stop blaming himself.

Ya Bang sees a ring while gutting a fish at work. It was the same ring he gave his fiancé.

He’s stunned. Waves of emotion wash over him, from that fatal day that he left her to drown in an attempt to save someone else.

You Are What You Eat ss2 krk

His remorse suffocates him, manifesting in strange, vivid hallucinations.

Ya Bang can longer bring himself to hold a knife – even as a chef. The only peace he found was in a tub, holding his breath under water.

You Are What You Eat ss1 krk

When he comes back for air, his nightmare repeats.

He finds a way to end the grief.

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