He’s Having The Runs On A Bumpy Ride, With No Relief In Sight!


Dilemma ss4 krk.jpg

Humbled by a sensitive digestive tract, a high-flying executive doubles down and hunches over, sweating, making his way to the nearest toilet available.

But there’s no relief.

Dilemma ss1 krk.jpg

He’s on the streets of Mumbai, clenching and unclenching over every pothole, reduced to a writhing, sorry figure.

All the arrogance and pomp he had just a few minutes ago, speaking to his colleague, and bragging about the white lies to his wife, was all gone.

If he holds up well enough, he might just make it back home, with no surprises.

Dilemma ss3 krk.jpg

And by the seat of his pants, he almost does..!

Watch ‘Dilemma’ by Kshitij Obed (India) on Viddsee:

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