He’s Just A Getaway Guy Waiting On Money. Karma Caught Up With Him.


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Ashanti is a pedicab driver trying to make an honest living on the streets of Manila.

But it’s not easy. On some days, he makes 20, 40, even 100 pesos. On other days, nothing at all.

Desperate to escape the cycle of poverty, he agrees to assist a petty thief called Uge. Uge steals stuff from people, and he needs Ashanti’s pedicab to be his getaway vehicle. In return, he promises Ashanti a percentage of the loot.

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Things go well at first. They serve as perfect partners to each other, and earn quite a bit between them. Ashanti is even able to gift his wife a mobile phone.

Operandi ss6 krk

Then one day, things take an ugly turn.

It was too late. There was blood on his hands.

Watch ‘Operandi’ by Mc Jerome Baluyot (Philippines) on Viddsee:

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