He’s Living The Same Lousy Day Over And Over Again. Can He Break The Curse?



Tuck was a simple guy with a simple life. Or so he thought.

Working as a water at a cafe near his house, his day was as monotonous as it could get.

He hated socialising so keeping his mouth shut was one way to get through his day peacefully.

Then one day, his simple life got complicated. Very very complicated.

He realised he was having the same day at work every day. Exactly the same day.


The scoldings from his boss. The pretty new co-worker. The annoyed customer. The broken cup. The garbage.


And finally… the robber.

This happened every single day. Nothing changed.

He was living the same day over and over again.


Can he break the curse and get out of the cycle?

Watch ‘Tuck’ by Gordon Ling (Malaysia) on Viddsee:

‘Tuck’ won Best Actor and Best Editing, and was nominated for Best Screenplay at the BMW Shorties 2015.

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