He’s Never Spoken To His Crush Next Door, But He’s Heard Her Plenty



This loner was contented inside his four walls until the arrival of a new neighbour.

She was beautiful, and he was immediately infatuated.


To afraid to make contact, he begins a covert relationship with her, sneaking peeks from the peephole, and listening through the walls.


The one-sided affair becomes too real when his imagination begins to bleed in reality. He’s forced to confront the truth.

With unbelievable courage, he steps outside his door for the first time in years, and knocks on her door.


He will find release, and break down all his walls.

Watch ‘The Peephole’ by Jiang Mao (France) on Viddsee:

‘The Peephole’ was screened at the Paris Short Film Festival, Long Island International Film Expo and Los Angeles CineFest in 2016.

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