He’s Desperate. There’s A Chilli Shortage & The Heat is On!


Cili SS_04

Everyday, Pak Rabu and his wife would serve nasi lemak from their humble stall.

Their delicious one-pack meal is a favourite in the village, and it sells like hot cakes… hot nasi lemak.

He is well-loved by all, and his roaring business supports his family of two.

Cili SS_01

Until one day, he can’t get his hands on chillies, a key ingredient to his secret, spicy sauce.

His search for chillies brings him to every corner of the village.

Cili SS_02

There’s no substitute to fresh, red chillies to his glorious nasi lemak…

He’s desperate, and the heat is on!

Cili SS_05

Watch ‘Cili’ by Edward Chee Boon (Malaysia) on Viddsee:

Cili was an adaptation of a novel in the same name published by Fixi. If you enjoyed this, don’t forget to catch Nadia and Ngidam as well!

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