He’s Pissed. Everyone Forgot His 70th Birthday. He’s Going To Jump Off A Bridge.


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There’s not much left of his golden years. Yim Chun Bong is today 70 years of age, and he’s ready for the biggest bash ever.

But after grooming and prepping his home for the party, he realises that no one remembered. He storms off, throws a hissy fit, threatening to off himself.

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And he did. But our birthday boy is temporarily distracted by a young man with a derriere he fancied. He follows the pert behind and finds himself in a hearse, racing on his way as if to the grave, or to hell.

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KSH Happy Birthday ss20 krk

He did find a bridge and took a plunge, but our Yim Chun Bong does find his way back home, dressed for the party.

He was just on time.

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‘Happy Birthday’ screened at the Pusan International Film Festival and the Rotterdam International Film Festival. More of the director’s works here.

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