He’s Stuck In A Rut. This Woman Was The Wake Up Call He Needed.


Blind Date ss2 krk

She was game! They went all the way, and way back.

Taemin lives an unfulfilled life, an under-achieving life. He’s single, but not desperate. He’s unemployed but doesn’t get out of bed.

The promise of a date with a gorgeous woman finally lures him out of his room.

Blind Date ss3 krk

She’s attractive, engaging, and sure knows how to hold her drink.

She’s all that he’s not… he’s also stupidly drunk.

Probably not a good way to appear in a blind date, but he presses on and goes all the way.

Blind Date ss4 krk

She’s game, and he thought he knew what he was in for.

The dating game seemed impossibly familiar, but it reminded him of who he was.

Here’s what happened the morning after.

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